This popular crossword puzzle builder has been sold throughout the world since its debut in 1998.

Educators, publishers, and puzzle enthusiasts have found this software to be an invaluable tool.

Here’s what they are doing with it:

Crossword Puzzles in Education


One of the most popular uses of Crossword Weaver® is to make puzzles for students.


Teachers all over the world have discovered the educational benefits of crosswords.



Students think they are fun to play and don’t even notice that they are learning, studying for a test, or reviewing while the solve their puzzles.

Easy for Teachers–

Fun for Students


Crossword Weaver® makes it easy to make crossword puzzles.


Simply enter your word list, press a button, and your puzzle is essentially done. You can add a title or sub title, edit the clues, and save your puzzles for later use.


Customize for Your Students


For younger grades, you can choose to add a “word bank” of words found in the puzzle.


Crossword Weaver® lets educators use their puzzles in many ways:


  • Save as a .pdf to share easily through e-mail.
  • Export to any other Windows Program.
  • Save as html to add to a web site.
  • Publish to the Internet so students can play them on-line.


How People Are Using

This Software


  • K-12 Education: reviews, tests, and reinforcing concepts
  • Religious education
  • Corporate training and info review
  • Seminars
  • Pass out at work for employees to play
  • Add to your web site to give visitors a reason to stay.



Crossword Weaver® makes two styles of crosswords.


The free-form style is especially good for educators as it uses only your words.


Enter a vocabulary list, a spelling list, or other information to review and it will make a puzzle from only your words.


Add a colored, black or gray background, or leave it white to save toner. Your choice.

Crossword Weaver also makes traditional newspaper  style crosswords as well.


You can make a generic puzzle, or you can have it include some of your theme words as well.


Customize a puzzle specifically for your audience to make it even more special.


Customize the size, the symmetry, even draw your own pattern if you wish.



Crossword Weaver® makes it easy to spice up your publication or web site with a crossword.


It is estimated that at least 50 million people in the U.S. alone solve a crossword every day.


Why not have one on your web site or in your newsletter; even in a book you are writing. Hook your reader and keep them engaged with your content.



Many newspapers and other publications have a crossword puzzle in them. These crosswords are usually hand crafted, and only a handful of people in the world are skilled enough to make these puzzles.


Crossword Weaver® now lets anyone make their own puzzles, and customize them too!

" I can't begin to tell you how pleased I am with your product. It is so versatile and easy to use that I wish I had found it years ago."

Janice from California

However you use your puzzles, Crossword Weaver will help make them a success.
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