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Create a fundraiser.

Share with your friends. When they buy, you get paid!

Create a fundraiser for:



Classroom supplies

Classroom computers

Musical instruments

New music

Class or school trips



Musical instruments

Class or school trips




Other school needs



New playground

School play




Youth retreat

Church repairs and maintenance

Assisting members of the congregation

Other ministry costs


Personal Needs:

Emergency surgery, auto repair, etc.

Unanticipated expense

Upcoming vacation

Help out a friend or family member with medical bills

Everyone needs extra money for something!

How it Works


1. Sign up. No cost to you, ever.


2. Share your fund raiser with your friends and family, through social media, email, etc.

NO Door to door sales, ever!


3. Friends and family make and purchase puzzles.

They can also share your fundraiser with their friends and family members with no work on your part!


4. At the end of each month, you get paid!



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