1-2-3 Word Search Maker is an easy to use software tool that allows you to make word search puzzles from your words.


Puzzle types:

Choose from four different styles of word searches:


Standard Word Search

Word Search with Hidden Message

Word Search with Clues

Word Search with Clues and Hidden Message


Customize your puzzles to make them easier or more difficult depending on your solver:


  • Choose from 8 word directions: Up/Down, Left/Right, and 4 diagonals
  • Choose from 5 different letter sharing options, everything from words cannot cross or share letters to words can be completely hidden in another word, and everything in between.
  • Capitalize all of the letters in the grid, none of the letters, only the first letters of the words, or capitalize the first letters and some decoys.


What you can do with your puzzles:

  • Print
  • Print as a work sheet
  • Print multiple copies, each with a different grid of letters to discourage copying
  • Export as an image
  • Export as text
  • Export as html


Easy to use Cheating Prevention


Let's admit it--it's easy to copy someone else's word search puzzle.


One glance and you can see where the words are and what direction they are going.

So we solved this problem!


Just choose the number of puzzles you want, and the program will print out each puzzle with the same words but a different arrangement.


No cheating is possible as each puzzle is unique!


Plus, it requires no extra work on your part.



Customize your puzzle so it prints the way you want:

  • Change the title, font, and size
  • Worksheet options allow you to quickly make your puzzle a worksheet
  • Instructions: keep the suggestions  or write your own
  • Change the fonts and sizes for your word list
  • Credits: keep the default, customize it, or delete it
  • Adjust the margins if you don’t like the way it auto formats
  • Bonus: you can memorize your settings so each puzzle starts out the way you like it.


"The puzzles are easy to make, the kids love them and

learn from them.....what more could a teacher ask for?"

Tammy, a dedicated teacher.


Download the demo now and

try it for yourself before you buy.


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After purchasing you will immediately get an unlock code that lets you save your work.

This easy to use tool allows you complete flexibility:

Here are a few options:

However you use your puzzles, 1-2-3 Word Search Maker will help make them a success.
Click here to Download the demo version of the word search maker.